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Hands on Hardcore presents: Hey guys it's me Lola, Kristine's girlfriend from Russia, you remember me? Well I got myself in this situation with these four guys at the bar, I know she's having a really good time off fucking but I could sure use her help here with me tonight. I was in this bar drinking and having a really good time I was the hit of the bar they all loved at least it seemed that way at first. Like I said I am from Russia and very proud of how I can drink so I made this bet at the beginning of the night that if we drank double shots of vodka one of them at the end wouldnâ??t stand. Well at the end they all were still standing and wanted a piece of my ass just like a said I would and they could, you see this is normally about the time Kristine and I could talk our way into just fucking our favorites but these guys here wanted exactly what I had promised. I was sitting on the sofa with Tomas and Frenky sitting on the sides of my rubbing up and down my leg and touching my pussy, Joe and Neeo were standing behind the sofa reaching down playing with my tits. I reached behind me and started stroking Neeoâ??s cock he pulled down my top and began playing with my tits and Joe started rubbing his long cock back and forth across my little feet. I leaned back wrapping my lips around Tomasâ??s big cock bobbing my head while Frenky licked up and down my horny my pussy and I rubbed it. I continued stroking Neeoâ??s cock and Joe rubbed his big cock on my feet. I turned around and started sucking Neeoâ??s cock and it seemed like a merry-go-round of hard thick cocks, Tomas stood for his turn in then cock slurping line even though he had just had one, then Frenky dropped his pants for a turn Neeo came back around but I didnâ??t mind. I wrapped my lips back around Frenkyâ??s cock but I could see right away Frenky and Neeo were the hounds of the bunch so I sucked Joeâ??s cock for a while I didnâ??t want him to feel left out. I think Joeâ??s last name might have been grudge because I was not more than a few good sucks into it and he started slapping his heavy cock on my tongue, he fucked my face , slapped my face, then I licked and sucked them each off one by one. Joe spit in my mouth stuffed his thick cock inside and fucked my face, slapping at my tits then grabbing and holding me by my neck and head as I sucked first Frenkyâ??s hard cock then Joeâ??s as Frenky slapped his cock on my tongue then tits hard and heavy. I wrapped my lips around Tomasâ??s hard cock as Neeo rubbed, squeezed, and shook my tits up and down. They laid me down and Frenky began rubbing my pussy Neeo slipped off my panties and started rubbing my pussy I began sucking Frenkyâ??s cock but then switched over Tomas as Joe had his belt wrapped around my ankle sliding his thick cock between. As this suck and fuck fest was now well on tits way I could clearly see that Joe was the one I had to keep my eye on, he was that I really needed to watch. Neeo slid his finger in my puss then two and started sliding it in and out. Joe took my shoe and rubbed it on my pussy then stuck it in my mouth, you see what I mean about that Joe, thatâ??s just the type of thing I was talking about. Neeo rubbed his cock up and down my soft pink lips spit on them and slid his cock right in my cunt, I stroked and sucked their hard thick throbbing cocks as Neeo fucked and then slapped his cock on my pussy. Joe shoved his scale tilting cock in my cunt opening me up real good then Frenky spit on my snatch and slid his cock in right behind. Tomas sat on the sofa and I got my horny ass on top he fucked my twat as I sucked up and down on Joeâ??s and Frenkyâ??s long hard cocks. Neeo reached over and started rubbing and played with my tits and Joe took a hold of my head and started fucking my face. I jumped on top of Frenky sitting right beside and he fucked my pussy ball slapping deep. I got on top of Joe and fucked him face to face well I was sucking Tomasâ??s cock so I more or less had his cock in my main view. Joe spread my ass and was fucking me hard and deep then he stuck his fingers in my cunt and spread it wide. Frenky comes from I donâ??t know where and slid his cock in my pussy from the rear then he spreads my ass wide open then he starts slapping his cock on my ass then sliding it back in my pussy. I stroked and sucked Neeoâ??s and Tomasâ??s cocks Joe slapped my ass and slid his cock in my cunt for a run. Then Tomas came around and slid his big cock in my horny pink hole. Frenky had a fist full of my hair pulling me around slapping his thick cock on my tongue, I thought it was Joe I was surprised when it wasnâ??t. Someone stuck their finger in my ass and then right in my mouth, now that was Joe I can guarantee it. I wrapped my lips back around Frenkyâ??s big cock and Tomas kept going up in me strong from behind. Tomas pulled out and Joe shoved his meaty cock right in my pussy he held my arms behind my back and started driving hard and deep. Frenky was there to slip his cock in as soon as Joe pulled out then he spread my ass wide from the side when Joe went back to fucking me. Frenky started squeezing, slapping and pushing my ass down on Joeâ??s big hard cock, I guess he thought Joe needed some help but Joe was fucking my cunt just fine. Frenky stuck his finger in my ass and then stuck two spits and slaps my ass sliding his fingers in and out over and over again. I spun my horny ass around and Joe went right back to fucking my pussy I started bobbing my head up and down on Tomasâ??s hard cock as Frenky held my foot and rubbed his cock back and forth. Tomas started playing with my tits and Joe slapped my pussy with his cock and then slid his thick cock back up in me and Tomas had moved up and was fucking my face pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I got on top of Frenky and he stuffed his cock in my wet twat Tomas and Joe stood on the sofa and I started sucking their cockâ??s Joe grabbed me by my neck then turned my head and spit right in my mouth while Frenky continued sliding his hard cock in and out of my wet pussy. Tomas laid on the sofa and I laid right in front he slid his cock in my pussy and started fucking me hard and fast as I leaned forward and started sucking Neeoâ??s cock. I pulled his cock from my mouth and slipped Frenkyâ??s big cock inside sucking him off as Joe held my foot up high. Frenky started sucking on my tits and Tomas slid his cock in my cunt and Joe started fucking my little foot with his big cock. Iâ??m really starting to like this Joe guy he plays the tough guy when heâ??s choking me out but when he fucks my feet the way he does I know he really cares. Joe slid his cock in my pussy fucking my horn snatch with long hard strokes and Frenky started sucking my tits, he went up and over and shoved his cock right in my mouth, Tomas stood just on the side and I sucked his cock when not sucking Frenkyâ??s. Joe slid his cock from my cunt and slid it right in my tight ass, I couldnâ??t believe he got his thick cock up in me. He pulled out of my ass then went back to fucking my pussy back and forth he went from one hole to the other. He slid his cock from my dug out ass and I came around and stuck it right in my mouth. I laid down and Frenky slid his cock in my ass then he lifted my leg straight up and fucked my cunt hard. Going back in forth between the two like it was a game of hide and seek or tag. Tomas came down and slid his hard cock in my pussy gets it all slicked up then slipped it in my tight ass for a quick dipping then back in my pussy as I stroke and suck Joeâ??s and Frenkyâ??s cocks. Frenky slapped me on my head with his cock and Tomas got me into dog and started fucking my pussy. I reached back and spread my ass wide while sucking off Joe and Frenky. Tomas went up and over shoving his cock deep in my ass. One by one they came around and slid their cocks in my ass and wet cunt each of them doing it a little harder and deeper, then they went and stuck their cocks in mouth getting them selves all slicked up and ready for the next round of fucking. I got back on top of Frenky and he started fucking my ass then Tomas slid his cock in my pussy together they f show more

Date: May 12th, 2008; Site: Hands on Hardcore; Network: DDF Netwok; Pictures in set: 160; Dimension: 1328x2000

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